Prescribed Technologies

Prescribed Technologies has provided network support, computer support and technical consulting services in the Middle Tennessee Area since 1992. We maintain a broad portfolio of services and products allowing us to provide solutions to the technical challenges of small to mid size business enterprises. We offer:

Experience - our experience and skill sets are not limiting. We are adaptive. We are conscious of the similarities that businesses share and the differences that set businesses apart. We operate in variety of business environments including: transaction processing, medical, legal, insurance, banking, real estate, manufacturing, HR & employment, architectural, engineering, retail, entertainment, e-commerce, and non-profits.

Productivity - unlike a computer repair service, our role is more than providing a repair service call. At the core of Information Technology are the tools and strategies that make a business more productive, or provide a competitive edge. We handle these IT task efficiently, freeing you to concentrate on your business. More importantly, we work with you to implement technologies that make you and your staff more productive and more profitable.

Affordability - the salary, taxes, insurance and fringe benefits of an IT staff can be prohibitive for small businesses. Prescribed Technologies provides IT services on a per incident, per project, on a retainer, or on a contracted basis. You are empowered with the control over IT expenditures without the overhead of a full time Information Technology staff.