Prescribed Technologies

The business environment is in a continuous state of evolution. Adaptation and the creative application of technology are required for success. Prescribed Technologies supports businesses in the deployment of technology with a shared commitment for success. Our services include:

  • Microsoft® network and desktop operating system support
  • Linux and open source solutions and support
  • Softpro® real estate closing and title software support
  • PhoneSlips® software support
  • Wired & wireless networking
  • Remote office and home office configurations
  • Internet and intranet application development
  • Web site development
  • E-commerce and online sales solutions
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Document imaging
  • Offsite backup
  • Data recovery and computer forensics
  • Employee monitoring / network restrictions
  • Employee background research
  • Malware prevention and removal
  • Network design & support
  • Custom firewall/router configurations
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) support and installation
  • Network and telephone cabling
  • Virtual computing (server & workstations)
  • Office productivity & groupware applications
  • Security analysis
  • IT project management
  • Technology audits
  • Technology planning and budgeting
  • Hardware support
  • End user support and training

Prescribed Technologies offers IT services at a level and cost appropriate for the businesses needs.

Emergency / on demand service - For those occasions when a computer system is crippling the business.
Pre-allocated time commitments - Reserving IT services in blocks of time helps to insure availability as well as reduce the costs.
Reoccurring scheduled service - Provides outsourced IT with the benefits of IT on staff.
Shared revenue services - In certain circumstances, Prescribed Technologies will provide technology services in exchange for a share of revenues from a businesses operations.

O3 - Out of Office Workplace©
The solution to remote computing needs. O3 - Out of Office Workplace© allows access to company computer from home and satellite offices. O3 - Out of Office Workplace© is secure, and flexible. It can be configured to run off of a USB flash drive from any computer connected to the Internet. Or it can be installed on a desktop or laptop for a seamless low cost VPN.

Disaster Recovery/Offsite Backups
We duplicate your server, move it to a secure offsite location. A nightly backup process keeps the remote server in sync with the server in your office. You have a drop in replacement server available within hours of a catastrophic event. Coupled with disk images of critical workstations, your office operations can be operational with minimal down time.

Computer Recycling
Your old unused computer equipment can be put to good use. We can assist in recycling old computer equipment. Typically this involves a 3 pass DOD hard disk wipe to remove any data available on the hard disk. We then install an open source operating system. These open source operating systems are free and provide Internet browsing, email, multimedia, graphic editing and office oriented applications. Recycled equipment is generally donated to community oriented organizations. If you have equipment that you would like to donate, or if you know of an organization that would be appreciative of older computer equipment, contact us. We can also administer programs where company computers are refurbished and provided to the employees.