Prescribed Technologies

Overdue Payment Policy
Thank you for the prompt payment of Invoices.

In order to devote our undivided attention to our client's needs, Prescribed Technologies enforces a strict policy on the payment of invoices. We invoice on a monthly basis. Invoices may include charges for support, programming, maintenance, hardware or Internet services. Sales tax is collected on taxable items. As we do not invoice at the time of service, there is a built in grace period between the time of service and the invoice date. This creates a 30 to 60 days period from the time that the work was performed and the due date stated on the invoice. We expect prompt payment according to the terms on the invoice.

All services and web hosting will be immediately suspended, and interest will be accessed if the invoice is not paid in full by the due date. At 15 days past the due date, we will take aggressive steps to collect any unpaid balance as well as all cost incurred in the collection process.

If there is a temporary problem that prevents the payment of an invoice, please contact us before the due date to avoid complications.